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I work from home in my therapy room, in a quiet street in Eastville, just a few minutes drive from the Fishponds/Muller Rd, M32 roundabout. Parking is free and there is generally no problem finding a space close to the house. Please see at the bottom of the page for details of public transport.

Session cost and time;

My healing clinic is open Mon-Sat, 9.30am -8pm. Saturday clinic is NEW, starting 29th Dec '18!

It may seem out of place to have written text about the cost of sessions, rather than just the usual list of prices. The prices for sessions, and the different options, are at the bottom of the text.
The following passage concerns those who would like to take a moment to consider the energy of money, an invitation to travel with me through my own exploration, and a gift of insight, that also carries a transmission to support the energetic upgrade in how I am now structuring my sessions;

After a long period of exploration around how to manage session times and payment, I have decided to have a set fee for a set amount of time.
This has not been an easy decision, having struggled myself financially, and faced many obstacles to come out of that, I have spent many years working very generously with my time, so as to support clients with a wide range of financial circumstances, to keep my work and often long sessions accessable, but it has come at a great cost to me energetically.
I have also been committed, for the last 14 years, to working deeply with many teachers, to uncover the truth of the nature of money, as energy.

In light of this, the need for me to really hold the feminine essence of flow, to not leak energy unaturally, has finally meant correctly adhering to the healthy masculine aspect of structure and boundaries. Most importantly, it has also become clear that in over accomodating peoples financial circumstances and giving long sessions with no time boundary, ie without regard to a balanced energetic exchange or structure, is actually branding the person a financial victim. For a long time I refused any extra donations, wanting to keep things simple, aware that people offer extra money for many different reasons, and not always empowering ones, that then gets entangled, and perhaps they were responding to something unresolved in me. SInce January, I have been very grateful to receive donations, and there has been no entanglement, because I changed. I am so very grateful to all the amazing people I am working with and have worked with, they have taught and continue to to teach me so much, and dived deep into the unconscious realms with me, with great courage and love, I wouldnt be here doing this work without them.

The inbalance in my practice has been the blessing of a very strong connection to the Divine Mother, allowing deep trust and ability to work with the incredible power of the flow in the sessions, how they magically unfold, layer after layer. Counteracted by a deep wounding in connection to the Divine Father, which has created a struggle to trust, even with evidence to prove the opposite, that containing session times would still allow for the deep healing to be safely unravelled. I have feared the possibility of not doing complete work, and hence taken more responsibility for my clients process than is healthy. I have now released the constraints that have held that block in place, the impact, once realised, left no choice but to really meet the Divine Father, show up, fully aware of my wounding, and allow myself to recieve the grace, of the gift of an all encompassing, deep trust emerging from my being. The healing has been so deep, a knowing has been remembered, that all is possible in the hands of the divine. I am transmitting this energy now.
I am clear this has not been a personal process alone, but also a collective movement, after so many millennia of being controlled by the masculine shadow of the patriarchy, which has caused deep unrest in our souls, we have the potential to take back our power.
The Divine Masculine is again once more, present on this planet. The work that Jesus Christ began, 2000 years ago has manifested. Its up to us, to take care of these seeds of change.
Being open to reconstructing our relationship with money is an important part of this, the breakdown has already been happening, theres not much left of the old to hold onto! And yet, we all hold blueprints for money in our systems, ways of managing it passed down by our parents, our own life experiences, that can prevent a return to a natural balance and flow of abundance, if hidden in the shadows.

Session fees and contact details . river and sun largest option

Many clients who come have big issues when it comes to money. It feels important for me to empower people, to step into ways of being that actually attract abundance, and not to keep fueling the ones that repel it. Our city, here in Bristol, with its major history of slavery, has a particularly heavy shadow of poverty consciousness, and we have all been guilty of reinforcing that. It has been a part of our culture, but a part that weighs heavily on a huge part of the population. As awakening beings we have a responsiblity to step up and start living in alignment with our true nature of abundance, to seed our city with a new relationship with money, based on love, giving and recieving in balance, and self worth.

So many of us are looking for love, for that intimate partnership that feels so much a part of who we are, or to heal and evolve in existing partnerships. It is the same chakra, the sacral chakra, that holds the imprints of our relationships with others, and also to money. Concurrently it must be so that if there is inbalance in our financial structures there will be inbalance in our ability to attract and live healthy intimate relationships. Opening ourselves to giving and receiving love is complex. We can benefit ourselves, our families and communities by giving our relationship with money the same due, it is complex, and merits attention. Money communicates with other money, it has an overlighting presence, it does notice how we percieve and use it. A generous heart is a blessing, and money will reflect that, and just like in our relationships with others, the more that heart learns to take care of itself too, the more we can balance these complex energies in the inner world, which will begin to reflect in the outer world.

Session fees and contact details . yellow sunset

For years I have now been living from the standing that we commit, and the 'how' is not up to us, when there is a true alignment, the money will realise itself. Tried and tested, I can now say without any doubt, that this is an absolute law of the universe. Some requirements come to mind as pointers;

Commitment, which is a willingness to be open to honouring self.
Faith, which if you dont have it, starts with, fake it till you make it. Learning to take risks helps us to grow. A willingness to experience life with the existence of a source of love, bigger than ourselves.
Patience, remember if we asked for an elephant and it landed right there and then, we might just get squashed! There are necessary steps from A to Z, and they all contain deep wisdom to be integrated and gifts of returning to wholeness and remembering.
Discernment, and we do know, instinctively, when something is right for us. Its not about saying Yes to everything. Becoming comfortable with our No where appropriate is essential.
Being willing to be open to action, where that presents itself as part of the plan.
Gratitude, an inner state and also one that can be powerfully embodied and offered with simple ritual.

Session fees and contact details . fishponds peacock feather

I love that after a big shift, there is confirmation, and it often comes from nature. After writing this text, I went to Fishponds and was in the charity shop. There was a feather in the display under the counter. I asked the man to get it out, and he told me a story about a feather earring he had found the other day. So I shared with him my story about a peacock that I had met. It had been many years ago, I had come out of that very same shop, and felt drawn to walk down the next side street I didnt have any reason to go down. I arrived outside a modern church building, and there, outside, was a peacock! He was pottering about, and he looked at me and just stopped and we hung out, a few meters away from eachother, in eachothers presence. Nice. It was my birthday that day, and I had nothing planned, no celebration, a very solitary birthday, so it was nice to share this moment. Then all of a sudden he shook a little, dropped a beautiful feather, and wandered off! I was so moved, and grateful for the connection and this perfect surprise birthday present!
The man in the charity shop told me, that the peacock had been living in the community for a very long time, possibly a couple of decades, and had many admirers and people who cared about him. But about 3 years ago, the peacock was injured, and someone who didnt know him took him to the vet, and because neither the person or the vet had any idea that so many people cared about him, the decision was made that it was too costly to heal the injury and he was put to sleep. I felt a great loss as I left the shop, and then I connected to the peacock. I felt his spirit was stuck, and in distress, he had no idea that if the neighbours had known his predicament, his vet bill would have been covered straight away, I felt the waves of love that surrounded him, as I helped him to understand that the shock and betrayal he felt was not something that would have been wished upon him by his beloved community. The peacocks energy lifted, it soared, he was able to reconnect with the love he had recieved from all his neighbours, and was released from his pain instantly, no longer holding any energy on his misinterpretation of events. I watched his spirit rise up, and return to source, in a transition of light and expansion.
After it came to me, that he had actually made an energetic investment when he gave me his feather, he ensured his future would be taken care of when he most needed it. The timing was clearly not a coincidence, the universal law of balance and energy exchange was being confirmed. The sense of loss had completely dissolved, the peacock and I are in the oneness together, beautiful.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it has been of benefit for you. You can read it and absorb the transmission as many times as you want, it will deepen each time. It has felt important and a beautiful privilege to transmit the new energy to all those ready to receive it.

Here are my revised session fees, as of September 2018. I wish to thank all those who have given extra donations, during the last few months, while I have been looking at ways to rebalance the financial exchange with this sacred healing work. I want to acknowledge that I had announced I was going to wait until 2019 to make official changes, but being finally ready to take action on what I have felt was probably the case, but was too enmeshed in old contracts to change, that this old system has actually been costing my clients, that the energy exchange has to be in balance, for both of us, to be in wholeness.

1 hour session £60

1 hour 15 mins £70

1 1/2 hour session £80

2 hour session £100

2 1/2 hour session £120

Please let me know when you book, your chosen length of session. If you wish for more time, once the session is in progress, you are free to ask, and it may or may not be possible, depending on my schedule for the day.
Please bring cash, or pay by bank transfer before the session.
Cancellation policy; I require 24 hours notice for cancellations except in emergency.
If you would prefer to change the session to a distance healing at the same time, that is also an option.
A fee of £25 is charged for late cancellation, of less than 24 hrs, or the full fee for no attendance without communication, with exception for emergency cancellations. For a no show, I will call, after 10 minutes of waiting, to see if we can arrange a distance healing for the same time, otherwise full payment for the session will be due. Its always worth calling back if you miss the call, just in case I am free for a bit longer.

Tel 07735084427

Address; 17 Gadshill Rd, Eastville, Bristol BS5 6LJ

Public transport:

I live roughly 12 minutes walk from the local train station, Stapleton Rd.
Buses from the city center stop within just a few minutes walk from my house, no's 24, 48, and 49 , or no 17 from Southmead Hopsital travelling past Horfield Common, down Muller Rd, or the other direction, from Keynsham via Kingswood.

Gadshill Rd has pedestrian access from Fishponds Rd, just behind the bus stop.

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