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What happens in a session #01

What happens in a session

As all craniosacral therapists are different, I believe its important to know a bit about how I work, so you can make an informed choice.

My sessions are clients led. I take time to ask about what's going on for a client, acknowledge medical/emotional history, whats led them to therapy, and what they want to get out of it. This part of the session is as much part of the work as the time spent on the table. I will be tracking energy as clients talk about experiences, and helping integration and getting the bigger picture so when its time to move to the table, we have already built up some relationship to what might come up. Often when a client comes for a number of sessions they will notice themes tend to emerge from each session, often related to whats been held in the body, that then unfold in life outside the session, giving the opportunity to refine and master each phase of the healing journey.

When we get to work on the couch, generally there is less verbal interaction, and more attention to listening deeply to the layers of rythyms, activated symptoms, dormant energy, and deeper resourcing intelligence, naturally present in the body. I may ask questions about what I am sensing in a clients system, body, emotions, I may invite the client to participate in engaging in something like breathing into a particular part of the body, or witnessing a particular emotion, if it is conscious. Many of my clients find this approach empowering, as they get to participate in their healing, and gain a deeper understanding of their process.

Sessions can also quite powerfully touch on ancestral lineages, and the unresolved repeating patterns that we inherit. Our family history can become apparent as the deep listening to a clients system provides the safety for understanding and resolution for sometimes ancient woundings, often hiding behind more current situations and stuck energy.
Forgiveness is always the key to healing. These openings help to reveal, inherently, our own innocence, and compassion for those around us.


Anyone bringing their baby for craniosacral therapy, sessions begin with a gentle exploration of the whole field, what is at the heart of you, as a family and your experience together (or separately), during pregnancy, conception etc, how is baby, you, now? If your baby upto 40 days old, I tend to use touch with both of you together, as this is the time it takes for a baby's electromagnetic field to develop and its good to keep you and your baby close, working with baby.

Sessions with babies are very much led by the enquiry, what will help the relational field between mum/parents and baby to be heart centered? If there is stress, shock, unresolved emotions etc, then it disrupts this delicate balance, so needed for good enough bonding, breastfeeding, digestive issues, and sleep balance.

Babies have a way of letting us know what is going on for them. Karlton Terry, from the US pioneered the work of understanding baby body language, which he says he has found is universal, regardless of race or origin. Babies can sense when someone has been trained to pick up on this language, and respond by communicating whats going on for them, with subtle movements. For example, repeatedly touching their navel, will be a sign that there was some stress during the pregnancy, that was felt through the umbilical cord. I am very much led by the baby in these sessions, and also taking care to make sure parents are on board with whatever is being addressed.

Sometimes babies need to tell their story, and no amount of feeding, rocking, nappy changing, the list goes on, can placate them until they have really been heard. We often as parents, miss the subtle difference between a needs cry and a memory cry, and a communication from baby can easily be misread, leaving a baby with unresolved feelings. There may have been a time during pregnancy, or birth where they felt stressed for example. Coming for a session/s can help identify this and give your baby an opportunity to release whatever they are holding onto. Sometimes this can involve a baby initiating their own physical release, by moving through positions that he or she encountered during the birth process, where they might have got stuck, or felt afraid.
Everyone attending a baby's session will be involved to some extent, there are no bystanders. Babies often feel quite empowered after telling a story, and can become more lively.

If it becomes apparent that your baby is having symptoms because he or she is picking up on stress in their environment, its quite possible that i could suggest working with you during the session. This kind of situation may be caused by a difficult birth, and you may benefit from some support to help integrate your experience and release any shock or trauma, in order to be able to really settle with baby. If you agree, and that will help your baby immensely! Babies feel everything. Sometimes baby will present a digestive issue when Mum or Dad is worrying about something. Having a new baby is a big change, and can also bring up unconscious memories from our own childhood. With gentle support, these unsettled feelings can be acknowledged which will give the whole family more space and ease in parenting too.


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