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Healer and Craniosacral therapist in Bristol

Hello, my name is Hari Ma, Its great to see you here, thank you for visiting my website.
I am passionate about supporting people to heal, awaken, love, and live fullfilling and happy lives.

The healing work I offer is infused with an expansive understanding of our human energy systems, and grounded in the deep listening and gentle touch of Craniosacral therapy, honouring all facets of our physical body, mind, emotions, and soul. It is a healing practice that is suitable for people of all ages, from development in the womb, right through to the oldest age and preparation for transition to beyond life in our physical body.

My philosophy for healing is to look for the gold in everything. Collectively, we have been living in a state of separation from one another. All pain is an unmet need for love. Healing happens when we begin to integrate all the fragments of our reality, allowing us to naturally release the need for identifcation with fear. Ultimately we realise that life is happening for us, unconditionally providing mirrors in every moment, to support our awakening. The body and soul heals in direct relation to how safe it feels. Deep holding and support, love, and correct empathy, modelling emotional respons-ability, and spiritual understanding are valuable guiding lights in our journey back to wholeness and purpose in life.

I take time to explore my client's emotional wellbeing, and life circumstances, in conversation, before moving to the healing couch. Listening out for what supports and resources each person, witnessing their story, why they are coming, and beginning to build an energetic compassionate bridge of healing awareness to unresolved energy, past and present, which is often expressing itself as illness, stress, limitations in the body, and effecting the quality of relationships and life circumstances.

I work with most of my clients in person, at my home in Bristol, and I also support clients with healing sessions over the phone, which are equally effective. I am able to track and support what is happening in a client's body, from a distance. This is a good arrangement for people who cannot travel to me due to disabilty or severe illness and also for clients who live further away and in other countries.

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There are natural subtle rythyms in the body, which support health in the body. These rythyms, and their influence, directing the spinal fluid bathing the brain, and spinal column, and the fluids in the vital organs and whole body, become disorganised when stress and illness creates physical symptoms. The subtle combination of deep healing energies and Craniosacral therapy I work with, addresses these issues, physically, in the nervous system and also supports emotional healing, and healing in all parts of the body, as a whole.
Each one of us has a whole and perfect intelligence within us, which holds a blueprint of our soul's journey, and also the best way to rekindle and awaken our health and purpose, however that is most appropriate for us as individuals. In sessions, this intelligence is the guiding principle, which reveals the healing process layer by layer.

I am here to support anyone who has a desire to put their life/health in order, move to the next level, and/or to release whats not working . If you are bringing a desire to own your experience, a willingness to cultivate presence, and learn to forgive yourself, and set free those who you judge, for your own healing, and those around you, I can help you. I support people to connect with their true nature. Actually no problems or illness are necessary to come for a session, and its a powerful time to come, when there is space to dip deeper into where the soul wants to evolve next. And a lot of people also come for healing and releasing historical trauma, effects of abuse, soul fragmentation, any physical issue, for example, auto-immune disease, cancer, digestive disorders, pre or post surgery, whiplash, aches and pains, joint problems, asthma, back problems, the list goes on. I support people with emotional stress, and also with the long list of symptoms and adventures of the heart, and I support many people with spiritual awakening in their everyday life. I encourage commitment, to a series of sessions, which allows for a consistent, well held, process of transformation, and also support people who wish to come for sessions more informally.

I also have the privilege to be working with more than one member of several families and partnerships. Individual members of a family, parents with their children or extended family, and pregnant women, are welcome to come at different times over a long or short period. This work is very rewarding for all involved, as each person releases old imprints, and integrates more of themselves they can also release blocks, outdated contracts, overlaying ancestral templates, that allow themselves and their partner or family members to align more fully to their power and creative expression. Having two or more committed people working with me together creates a lot of energy for things to move! I am passionate about healing family life, on all levels, and supporting relationships, healthy fulfilling intimacy, respect and autonomy in partnership. Healthy relationships also support healing in the body. When we feel safe in our environment, and loved, we digest our food better, our sexual health improves, we breathe deeper, our support system reflects the quality of our health.
Individuals coming for sessions often report changes in how they experience their peers, and family, as their own health improves. Health, as in their balance of physical health, mindset, emotional respons-ability, and spiritual essence.
I have deep values about relationship, family, and community, and am very grateful to be living my calling to support a healing community here in Bristol. Welcoming people to my home feels very special, and more recently also friends of people in Bristol, living further afield. I am finding working over the phone with clients to be really rewarding and intimate, and deeply effective.

Frustrations at work can have a big impact on our health. I work with clients to find harmony where there is dis-ease reflected in the body and emotions due to stress at work.

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I specialise in working with pregnant women, birth, and babies, in those all important months in the womb, which influence so deeply the life that follows. I am passionate about welcoming new souls, and supporting parents-to-be during pregnancy, and preparing for childbirth. I love working with babies, before and after birth, helping with resolving difficult births, digestive problems, etc, and have also worked as a Doula here in Bristol, which has helped forge a strong foundation with this precious area of life. Working in this way is also a valuable preparation for anyone who wishes to concieve. Working with a mother during pregnancy is a huge gift to both mother and baby, supporting bonding, releasing and acknowledging any fears or concerns. Integrating any previous unresolved birth history, the mothers own birth, or previous births of siblings that have left their mark. Harmonising, witnessing, supporting physical issues, holding a hand along the way. Please click on the link above for more information.

Some of the work I do with adults, where relevant, also touches on unresolved issues directly related to forgotten experiences in very early life, in the womb, or birth. Our experience as a baby, often preverbal experiences, and their ripple effects, unacknowledged, can create strong filters and imprints on our daily experiences. For sure, our journey into this world is inherently influencing all of us, and for some, it imbued strength, for others, that strength is something that has to be reclaimed. The support I offer can be particularly helpful where problems or issues feel repetitive, deeply engrained, or the source of them feels illusive.

I have trained and continue to advance my practice, as a healer, in two different healing modalities, Metatronic Healing, which works with deeply healing frequencies and as an Alpha Chi Consultant which is firmly rooted in the connection through the 8th chakra, to each individual's soul path, supporting and guiding clients with transmissions to facilitate clarity and integration with all areas of life. I have done a lot of my own research, and am receiving spiritual downloads pretty much constantly, which allows an evolving deep awareness of what a client may be negotiating in his or her energy field, in the many different energy bodies, and the chakras, and physical body, massively increasing my ability to facilitate resolution. These tools for relating with the field give me a wider view whilst still being grounded in the deep listening and strong foundation of Craniosacral therapy. My work is also influenced by the shamanic practice of soul retrieval, whereby traumas are seen as events which can cause fragmentation of the soul. The more a client can integrate their own energy through this work, the less room for trouble making energies in the body/mind etc.

I love to support clients to find the silver linings within their healing journey, to discover their gifts, their health, and gain a deeper understanding of their unique path in life.

I work from my home in Eastville, in a quiet location in Bristol, close to Eastville Park, in a lovely and light, peaceful therapy room, a much loved safehaven that has already now held the space for over 2000 healing journeys.

Please dont hesitate to call me if you have any questions, Id love to hear from you.

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