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Hair Ma is an exceptional healer. I have suffered from a bad relationship to food for pretty much all my life. I’ve ranged from binge eating disorder to compulsive eater, and lots of starving too , to counteract the binging. All accompanied with weight problems ( of course) a sense of failure and increasing frustration.
I have tried hypnotherapy, EFT, fasting, clean eating, affirmations, shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and of course endless diet and exercise programmes( really, so many).
I tried bargaining with myself, tricking myself, analysing everything, stopping analysing and seeing what happened when I didn’t try to control it ( I binged).
Finally I promised myself this year that I would never diet again, diets are just part of the problem.
So i was in a void, and it wasn’t going to get better on it’s own.
Someone gave me Hari Ma’s number.
I talked to her on the phone, she did some distance healing and we talked some more.
She said she had mended my pranic body, I don’t really know what that means. BUT that was a week ago and I’ve not wanted lunch since. For me that is a big deal, lunch was important to me. All food was just important.
I’m choosing different food. But mainly I’m not thinking about it, I’m not controlling it, and I’m not binging. There is space between me and food ina way that I have been longing for.
It can’t be placebo, because I’ve pinned my hopes on so many things, and none have worked .
If you have read this far this must be meaning something to you so book an appointment, you won’t regret it. Alison, Somerset.

I found Hari Ma at I time that I was desperate and at my lowest time. I had eventually fallen pregnant naturally after a 10 year journey giving up and then it happened with no intervention and with that I mean IVF. It was a huge shock as I had turned my life around knowing I could never be a mother. I was 9 weeks when I discovered I was pregnant and at my 12 week scan it was amazing to see my little angel of light. But in a moment it felt the doctor was telling me things were not looking good as there was too much fluid at the back on the neck and the neucal translucency was too big. This would mean abnormalities, down syndrome and chromosomal problems. I cannot convey the shock and utter helplessness I was in. A friend told me of Hari Ma and how she helped women in my situation. I wasted no time in contacting her and arranged for an appt as soon as possible.
As well as having tests from the doctors and an amneo arranged as I was 45 I also wanted to see what I could do on an emotional level. This is how HM works on the internal scars and issues. So we worked on what was showing up. I have to tell you this was huge, She has great advice and we worked on some deep emotional things that came up that needed healing. She was so present to my situation and I have to say was utterly amazing! We worked very intensely for a short period of time and this was with out a doubt so important to me and new unborn baby.
To cut a long story short in the end the doctors could not find anything wrong with my little baby and she was born utterly perfect. I am 100% confident in saying the work I did with HM has so much to do with Willow being so healthy in mind and body and she is today. The work we did created a healthy being.
If any one is reading this and has been given a shocking diagnosis with your little being in utero please go see HM she is utterly amazing and totally wonderful in getting to the core of what ever it is that may be in the way. He works very differently from anyone you have ever met but she get the results you want and pray for. She is an angel on this earth and I am very grateful that I met her with out her I may never have got my amazing daughter. I am very grateful xx Liz.

Hello Hari Ma, Just wanted to tell you I feel like a new man. I am finally whole and eternally grateful to you for your kindness and beautiful spirit. So glad we have encountered one another, and that I felt safe to open my heart to you. Wow, what a man I have turned out to be. So much radiant loving energy in me. Thank you. You truly have changed my life. Beverly John Rea.

"I'd been suffering for 4-5 months with an intense patch of fatigue, pain, apathy and poor sleep. My "usual" methods, including emotional clearing methods, would create slight change, but the relief was so short lived I was beginning to lose hope. My work was suffering and I felt stuck and overwhelmed. I knew Hari Ma had a way of healing from a place of insight and I felt like this is what I needed.
The session was incredible. She tuned in straight away and I felt safe and held and clear. Words cannot describe the relief I have felt since.
Her way of clearing what the body no longer needs, is gentle and light, but the change is deep and grounding.
2 days after the session my energy returned and that lightness in my whole being, that I had been struggling to find for months, returned. I have come home to myself. With such gratitude.
The world needs this woman and her work ! And I feel so excited to see what unfolds as I journey through with more of this holding and power.

''I had half an idea of what to expect when I went to see Hari Ma, but the other half that was revealed was out of this world, quite literally. I will say I struggled with the reality of it all afterwards, but as time went on changes began to occur in myself. These changes were first greeted with a very intense but short lived healing crisis and then after that, things that I had battled with for years, in often very painful ways, started to leave me swiftly yet gently. I didn't have to force the changes they just happened. I feel more myself than I have in a long time. I don't accelerate into anxiety and worry over small things, I'm more easy going with things I didn't even realise I had a problem with before. I've become more fun loving and in return feel youthful rather than jaded in my approach to things. I don't deliberate and question things, I just do them without second thought and self doubt. I have also drastically had improvements in mine and my partners relationship, we have become even more connected in life and also on a spiritual plane. I thought I would be unable to connect with someone like that, due to trauma of this life and as I learnt from Hari Ma, from past life events too. I would recommend this healing treatment as a very different way of approaching things but very thorough and spiritually educational. I will certainly go back to see her!'' Kate x

"I first arranged to see Hari Ma due to a recurrence of some chronic neck problems, but I got a whole lot more than I bargained for! I've had two sessions and I have laughed and cried in each, and felt amazingly calm and lighter afterwards. Right after the first, I sat down and seemed to be looking at Hari Ma, and the other people I met that night, from somewhere else, like I was looking from my whole body and not just my eyes. In the second, amongst other things, a traumatic event from about 21 years ago during the death of a family member came to me, and the healing and connection that occurred during the session has been with me since. Oh, and my neck has also been much better since. If you find yourself on the website and drawn to a session, I would not hesitate." JM

I have had a number of sessions with Hari Ma during my pregnancy. She has helped me to have the most wonderful birth experience. She supported me to be able to have the empowering, energising, calm and natural bith that I wanted to have. I cannot recommend her enough! Especially to other expectant parents. She has the ability to work alongside her clients individual needs to bring about the most profound healing and understanding where needed. Her dedication and experience within her specialised fields means she is an adaptable, supportive and confident healer and guide. She is inspirational and thoughtful, and also brings the light of laughter into the care she gives.

I came to Hari Ma for some Cranial Sacral therapy work I needed but I got a whole lot more than I expected! She has been a huge gift in my life, helping me really unblock some deep stuff on spiritual, mental, physical and ancestral levels! As a Nutritionist I recommend her to all my clients as I believe health is very connected to our emotions as well as our biochemistry. With Hari Ma you really do get the support on all levels. I feel privileged to have her as my mentor and I cannot recommend her highly enough! Hayley

I have been treated by Hari Ma for a number of sessions. During this time my damaged knee joint improved, I can now walk up the stairs two at a time! And a chronic lower back discomfort vanished. The latter was what remained after a medical procedure had largely cleared up a 2-3 year sciatica episode. I find her thoughtful, thorough and insightful. While being treated by Hari Ma I felt I was in the care of an innately competent healer, one that I would recommend to any who might want her services. Chris.

Intially, I came to Hari-ma for cranio sacral healing as a means to address neck pain. At the time, I was in the later stages of my pregnancy and had a number of day to day difficulties. Little did I know what a profound and positive impact the healing and contact with Hari-Ma would have on my physical, emotional and mental well-being.
During healing sessions Hari-Ma has responded with strong empathy and insightfulness, into the root causes which have directly impacted on my emotional well being and relationships with others. She has done so in a manner which has promoted open and honest dialogue, yet still has incorporated humour.
My daughter, now over a year old, has also attended and very much benefited from the care and healing Hari-Ma has given. Which I have been extremely grateful for.
Recently, a friend commented on how much 'lighter' I looked since she had first met me (over 6 months ago). I accredited this to the monthly healing sessions I have had with Hari-Ma. CJ

I had a great session. That night I closed my eyes to sleep and could see a tremendous amount of new light in my visions. Awesome :) Sam.

Thankyou for the wonderful experience. I was put at ease immediately by the sensitivity of your approach. The sense of being centered in my body with no energy blockages was profound, I felt completely at peace with myself. Since the treatment I have noticed a freeing of energy and some issues that caused my energies to become blocked have gone. I feel more energised and at one with myself. DH

Such a good experience, strong connection with Hari Ma. I opened my heart to her since the first sigh and I loved to feel her hands touching my head, jaw, heart, spirit.

Hari Ma created a warm and loving space in which I felt safe, comfortable and free to be. During the treatment, a great sense of relaxation came over me as I was guided towards reunion with the space inside myself that had been feeling disparate, empty and alone. This sense of wellbeing remains, I now freely acknowledge and picture a brighter tomorrow for myself. A wonderfully transformational experience in every sense. Tabitha

Hari Ma came to my house several times, initially I could barely walk, I had no energy, I was getting massive sudden pains in my head, which really scared me and made me dizzy, and I had many other health issues. I had been for scans, everything, the doctors didnt know how to help me and could see nothing wrong, they gave me tablets, injections, nothing helped. Hari Ma solved my physical problem, and she helped me find a new desire to live. I am now training to be a reiki healer and have discovered my own healing abilities. Anjana P

Working with Hari Ma has been challenging and fun. She has helped me shift blockages and heal on some very deep fundamental levels. It is uncanny the number of times we have dealt with an issue in a session and immediately afterwards, the universe has presented an opportunity to use what I have just learned. I am now much more my old true self and know I am able to fulfill my potential. This truly feels like a fresh start, and who could ask for more than that? Mark

The cranio-sacral session I had with Hari Ma last week had a really big effect on the way I felt about myself. We worked through some issues Ive had for a long time about my body image and something really shifted. Other people have noticed a change in me, and I feel a lot more open and accepting of who I am. I have tried a lot of complementary therapists and I have found this work the most effective. She is warm, open and friendly which makes for a gorgeous experience. I would highly recommend her to everyone. Thank you. C.G.

This is our experience of Hari Ma , our doula...

Firstly we felt extremely blessed to have found Hari Ma at such late notice in pregnancy.
The first time we met we instantly felt she was fully engaged and respectful of our needs. She embraced our family immediately, including our daughter in the whole process with sensitive knowledge of how our journey may affect her along the way.
As a pregnant Mum I felt supported and guided in my choices. Also nurtured and cared for especially with her gift of craniosacral therapy and massage, which she gave lovingly.
She was very generous with giving our family lots of her time and energy. She has a wonderfully childlike presence which is both refreshing and infectious. (lots of laughter and giggles!)
This was our 2nd homebirth and we always felt we could rely on her. On the big day, (3am kick off) she was encouraging, calming and a good organiser, making sure Mum was the number one person in the room and that Dad was kept busy and content. Even though we needed to visit the hospital after the birth, she stayed with us to the very end.
We feel honoured that we had such a caring and reliable person with us on our special day and would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who is thinking of using a Doula to support them through their memorable and delicate journey of childbirth.

Erika, Barney, Viola and Marley.

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