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Sessions for Pregnancy, birth preparation, and babies.

Craniosacral therapy is perhaps most well known for the beneficial effects it has on babies after childbirth. Your own love for your baby is a very powerful healer, and even after a difficult birth there are many natural ways to enhance you and your baby's recovery through the natural process of bonding. My work in this field is to support mums and babys, and any other family member suffering from emotional or physical inbalance, shock or trauma after the birth. In a baby this can show up in many ways, like problems in breastfeeding, distressed baby, unable to settle from crying, cholic, more subtle issues with bonding and feelings around medical interventions at birth.

What is not so often acknowledged is how useful and empowering it is to have a series of sessions during pregnancy, and a great preparation for birth and bonding with baby. It is my experience that women who come for sessions during pregnancy are much more confident when it comes to the birth, and babies are more engaged with their parents and life at large, having been so well received in the womb. Mums and babies who have had this support are likely to be much more connected with eachother during labour, which can be the most important factor between whether a minor complication stays a natural birth or becomes a medicalised birth. Sometimes a woman will be resonating with her own experience in the womb, as she carries her baby, which may have unresolved content that needs processing. Her own birth may have been traumatic, or she may be holding fear, or anger, due to a previous difficult birth of a child, she has herself experienced. All of these issues are much more gently addressed while baby is still in the womb, creating a clearer pathway for birth.

Here is a link to the trailer of a new film, ''In Utero'' on this subject; https://vimeo.com/128029155

Pregnancy, birth and babies. mother and baby in purple sling shot wide version

I am not diminishing in anyway the huge benefits and life saving potential of medical intervention in its rightful place, and am not saying that coming for sessions during pregnancy will absolutely prevent interventions being necessary. Each birth, mother and baby have a unique way of mapping out the beginnings of new life and parenting, which must be held with great tenderness at all times. Some of our the greatest strengths come out of adversity. There is always a bigger picture.

Father's-to-be can also become quite activated during the pregnancy period. Just being in the zone of a baby growing in the womb can cause unconscious memories to surface from their own time in the womb, or birth, resulting in tiredness, anxiety, feeling stuck, not knowing which way to turn. Coming for a session or a series of sessions can make it a lot easier to support a loved one and be more present at the birth, and in those all important early parenting moments, rather than being at the effect of their own trauma.

Unhealed stories from ancestral family life and births, lying dormant before pregnancy, in the DNA of the parents, may become activated, with the promise of new life and another chance to heal, to be seen, heard and released. This clearing work can be done before a birth, leaving more space. Coming for sessions gives a woman more capacity to be present, in her body, in her birthing.

Coming for a session would be a very supportive experience for any woman feeling stress around her 'due date', feeling at the effect of conversations with medical staff around possible induction intervention, or if there is a sense something may be holding off labour. This could be a sense of something needing to shift, often we are not be clear what that 'something' is. In this case, a session can often help get things moving in the right direction. Or maybe having the opposite and feeling absolutely not ready, and having a session may well add clarity and support to that sense, and an opportunity to really feel into connecting with baby, with that space being held too.

Babies who receive this support in the womb are able to bring in much more of their own light, it truly is a blessing to see.

I have shared more about the benefits of sessions at this all important time in the section under 'what happens in a session'.

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